If These Walls Could Talk

Photo Credit:  Virginia MacDonald for Canadian House & Home Magazine

Photo Credit:  Virginia MacDonald for Canadian House & Home Magazine

Confession #1:  I don't like to cook.  I do, however, like to set a mean table!  I wish I could take full credit for this gorgeous table setting, but most of the credit is due to Meg Crossley, Senior Design Editor, and Lauren Petroff, Design Editor, at Canadian House & Home Magazine.     

Confession #2:  I'm a magazine and design book addict and any spare moments are spent pouring through magazines, Instagram feeds, Pinterest, etc. If you're reading this, I know I'm in good company!  To say I was thrilled when the Editor-in-Chief, Beth Hitchcock, reached out to me via Instagram about the possibility of featuring Drumlin Farmhouse in the Holiday Issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine (November 2017) would be a huge understatement. 

Meg and Lauren did an incredible job styling the harvest table using my Great-Grandmother's 100 year old hand-painted gold-rimmed dishes and the Edme Wedgwood dishes that "came with the farm". They layered the table with a beautiful linen tablecloth and striped napkins from Linen Way, votive holders from VdeV and vases from IKEA filled with dollar eucalyptus and blue thistle. The pewter serving dome is from Meg's personal collection and really completes the magical look of the table setting!  I passed up a nearly identical one at a local antiques store a couple of months ago and still regret it!  The antique chair at the head of the table also "came with the farm" and we've collected the others over time and they add to the gathered and eclectic style of the farmhouse.

Summer Table.jpg

Our cousin built this 16-foot-long harvest table for us as a gift using the 18-inch-wide original white cedar baseboards that we removed from the attic of the Old Stone House during a renovation in 2013.  The Scandinavian-style table is perfect for hosting our extended family holiday meals (prepared by my husband who is an amazing cook - one of the reasons we make an excellent team (see Confession #1!)).  The table hosted its inaugural meal for 22 people on Christmas Eve 2013 after making a dramatic entry being carried from the workshop and across the frozen fields during an ice storm! 

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